Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tom Cruise Height | Weight | Age

Tom Cruise Height | Weight | Age
Sunny Leone was shocked just my parents, who are originally from the Punjab province, when they discovered I was in the entertainment industry for adults. Their reaction is what I expected, and you're ready. He said that when my father realized what I did," You did not ask even before you did this to us! But whatever you do, make sure you do so well. "And surprised also my mother when I found about the videos of my love for lesbian, but she accepted it. The fact that my work did not change me as a person working in the interest of my country. My father soon realized that and respect me who I am and my decisions. So there was no question that the disowned by my family, "she says.Sunny Leone  parents have seen any of the videos have a very hard-liners? "Of course not! And parents who do that?" You ask.
Sunny leone says he is the ignorance that makes people equate big stars with prostitutes. "I think India does not have the entertainment industry adult - and this is why people have no idea what it is I ran a company that took care of deals with companies, I sealed the sale and exchange of practical on the Internet, content and other media that work. Company was hard work. you work for about 60-70 hours a week, and I was not a party. only one partner, so this way, and I am very restricted in the real world, "she says.Is not true that lost her virginity when she was 16? "Yes. Played basketball guy in high school, and was as old as me, and we just want each other. Lost my virginity at 16 and was about to make a choice I wanted to make at this age. Since my father lived away from India for many years, the process thinking is different. they let me always making decisions about me, and I do not regret anything I've done so far. I do not feel any regrets about who I am. I have a nice life, great family, great friends and earn a living well, "she says.
Sunny Leone says participating in the "hot section" will make people realize that it is not a "big star" in the module. "I grew up in the family of Indian normal; I have learned that a person is good I want people to know that the Indian and I have always been interested in Bollywood, with this exhibition, and I may get the roles are good at. Indian films," she says.
That it's now in India and will, she is also visiting relatives in Delhi?"I came to Delhi post this year in the month of February I would like to be back soon, but it was not born here, like it says on the Internet - was born in Canada," she says.

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